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The Marshall's of Lincoln Family History

Welcome to my family history website. I have created this in the hope that it will help me to make contact with other members of my family that I have yet to discover and meet and to help me solve some of the mysteries surrounding the Marshall and other families that I am connected to.

Recent Updates:

28th August 2012 - A new Facebook page has been created. Please help to increase the awareness of my website by 'Liking' me. Thanks for your support.

25th April 2012 -
My Dad, Alan Marshall passed away peacefully on Wednesday 25th April 2012 at Wythenshawe Hopsital, Manchester. The funeral took place at Lincoln Crematorium on Thursday 10th May at 9.10am

26th Feb 2010 - Look out for an article on George & Susan Marshall and their family in the Spring 2010 edition (Volume 31, Number 1) of the magazine 'The Flowing Stream' published by Sheffield & District Family History Society. It gives a brief history of the Marshall family, what became of them and some photo's that I'm hoping someone might recognise.

25th Feb 2010 - Details of Baines Family have been added in Miscellaneous --> Other Surnames
24th Feb 2010 - New page added under the Miscellaneous section called 'Interesting Ancestors & Others'
23rd Feb 2010 - Details of the Jessup/Jessop Family have been added in Miscellaneous --> Other Surnames
21st Feb 2010 - Details of the White Family have been added in Miscellaneous --> Other Surnames

I started researching my family history properly in 1999. About 10 years prior to that I had bought a book about tracing ancestors and thought it might be something I could do and then that would be that - how wrong I was!

When I started collecting information and speaking to those relatives that were still around and that we were in touch with, I soon realised what I was letting myself in for. Someone said that family history is 'like a snowball' and 'it is a sequence of never-ending questions, you find an answer to one and then this prompts another 3'.

Fortunately, my Dad caught the bug and he too is now helping with the research. Each time he goes back to Lincoln, he calls into the Lincolnshire Archives to do a bit more digging.

It is a very time consuming hobby, but a very rewarding one - anyone thinking of getting started should know that once you start, there will be no stopping. Whatever your reasons for searching for your ancestors, you will always want to go back in time that extra step and who knows what you might uncover...

As well as the families listed at the top, I also have connections to the following families: Jessup/Jessop (Norfolk), Mallows (Norfolk), Baines (Huntingdonshire/Northamptonshire), Harding (Northamptonshire), White (Lincolnshire), Heathershaw (Lincolnshire), Coddington/Corrington (Lincolnshire), Spray (Lincolnshire), Ranshaw (Lincolnshire), Cheseldine/Chesledine (Lincolnshire).

Permission has been granted from Your Family Tree Magazine Editor to publish the article they ran on the Marshall surname in issue 67. A permanent link has now been placed on the Miscellaneous page.

This site is very much a work in progress and content is being added and updated on a regualr basis. If you see anything on these pages that rings evens the slightest of bells, please contact me.

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